Getting started: using your new Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Initial Use

  • Before we begin:

    User manual

    Please read the user manual and safety information for your own safety.

  • LED Light Setup:

    Remove plastic from LED light batteries

    To activate the LED light, remove the plastic disk in between the two batteries. This will allow the power to start flowing to the device.

  • Mouth Tray Setup I:

    Mold your thermoplastic mouth trays

    1. Bring about 4 inches of water to a boil and remove from heat for 6-7 minutes.
    2. Submerge one of the mouth trays into the hot water (70C-80C) for around 10 seconds until the trays appear to soften. For best results, do not overheat the trays.
    3. Carefully place the tray into your mouth covering your upper teeth. Close your mouth and suck all air and excess water from mouth tray creating suction between mouth tray and teeth.
    4. Gently push the tray into your teeth by pushing your upper lip with your fingers. Wait 10-15 seconds before removing mouth tray from mouth.
    5. Place mouth tray into cup of cold water for 10 seconds to complete the curing process.
    6. Repeat for lower mouth tray on your bottom teeth.

  • Mouth Tray Setup II:

    Trim mouth trays to correct height

    After molding both mouth trays, use scissors to cut any excess from the tops of the trays at the gum-line.
    Trimming the mouth trays at the gum line will avoid any possible soft tissue irritation caused by whitening.

  • Preparation

  • Let's get started!
    Step 1:

    Brush your teeth

    We recommend using the whitening gels on clean teeth for best results. Clean your teeth thoroughly and rinse well.

  • Step 2:

    Connect the mouth tray to the LED light

    The mouth tray attaches to the LED light. Connect the two pieces before applying any gel.

  • Application

  • Step 3:

    Apply gel to mouth tray

    Apply around 1ml of whitening gel from the syringe to both the top and bottom sections of the mouth tray. You only need to apply gel to the areas of the tray that will be in contact with the front of your teeth!

    You can use your finger to spread the gel. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards and be careful not to get gel into your eyes!

  • Step 4:

    Place tray in mouth and switch on

    Place the tray into your mouth and push it back against the front of your teeth. Turn the LED lights on by pressing the button. If this is your first use, you may need to pull the plastic cover from the battery slot to activate the battery.

  • Step 5:


    Relax, put your feet up and wait. We recommend an application time of between 15-30 minutes.

  • Tidy up

  • Step 6:

    Remove tray and rinse

    Remove the tray from your mouth. Spit out any excess gel and saliva and rinse your mouth with water.

    Remove the mouth tray from the LED light and rinse the mouth tray cleaning off any gel or saliva.

    Remember to take care, do not swallow or get any gel into your eyes.

  • Step 7:

    Finished for today

    You are done for today! Carefully store your kit away for your next application. We recommend not eating for several hours after the application for best results.

  • Repeat

  • Step 8:

    Repeat until desired result

    We recommend daily applications initially until you reach your desired shade.

    You may need to maintain your new shade by completing the process again in future depending on your diet.

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